Rename GitHub Default Branches

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This tool lets you rename your GitHub default branches to whatever you want.

Create a GitHub personal access token with the repo scope, fill out the fields, but don't check the box unless you know those branches are safe to delete!

When you submit the form, this short JavaScript snippet is run, entirely on your local machine, making no network requests to any servers besides through the GitHub API. If you don't trust sketchy webapps despite the countless perfectly legitimate testimonials, please copy the JavaScript code and run it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions


@eyqs: Amazing tool. If this didn't already exist, I would have written it myself!

@oirectine: i haven’t used it but i’m sure it probably works

@danield128: Rename is so easy to use! We plan to replace git with rename as our exclusive version control system. Thanks @eyqs!

@emsal1863: I was paid $0.10 to give my 2 cents here. This script sucks!!!

@Schemetrical: Never used tool

@mo-morgan: this tool will definitely advance humanity 10/10

@fb39ca4: I can now sleep at night knowing racism has ended.

@jzaralim: none of the people in the testimonials even used the tool...

@rhymu8354: The tool you wrote is very neat! I thought about making a tool that just does the "patch" part (changing the default branch) but in the end I opted to just change them all manually since it didn't take long. However, I'm sure your tool could be handy for others, especially if there are a lot of repos to go through.

@priyanshmalik: this sounds like a lot of effort when I only have one repository

@ben324: YOOOOooOOOOoOoOo i don't even have any repositories!!!!

@gwenli: what is this

@rachitkumar: This tool is useless

@lynnzhang7: I don't remember how to git and I also got locked out of my account last year but if I could use it im sure this would be life changing

@nishadjamaldeen: I used to spend a lot of my time trying to rename my github branches. Now, its done at the click of a button!

@zcliang97: It’s apps like these that make me think the future is here. #GoodThingsHappenIn2020Too

@s-zheng: this cured my cancer

@rebeccayelin: ...

@estherlin: this is so much better than plain old git branch -m master salad.

@gzgreg: pretty sure this got one of my coworkers fired yesterday when all the links to tree/master broke, nice job

@andersfylling: So I can rename it to master after GitHub takes this race play too far?

@divyabudihal: this is so important in 2020! We must work to completely abolish terms like master from the tech world!

@maggiechen: ah I see, doing away with the master slave terminology

@ShuHaoLi: masterful.

@mkduan: I always felt like master was a little bit too oppressive for me, now I feel much safer coding! 10/5 would recommend it to anyone!

@jnancy: 🥵😤💦

@Cesium-Ice: The author has excellent taste in anime.

@eishan05: I am surprised this tool doesn’t need a credit card number and the three digits on the back to work, considering I discovered it on a kissanime ad banner

@Andrew-Ting: すごい!このツールは面白くて、かっこいいですよ!やれやれだぜ。Grabe talaga yung tool na ito. Napakagaling, di mo na kailangan magsulat ng git commands sa terminal. Astig!

@izyb: this gave me cancer

@davidberard98: yikes

@Chenart: I'd love to invest in your startup but I just don't see a clear monetization strategy.

@Bruno-DaSilva: Is this web scale? MongoDB is web scale. Can this use MongoDB?

@ehnryx: scary. can this defeat science advising?

@blin4444: oh no, what if it steals my API keys

@EbTech: The source code ain't Rust, can't trust it. I hardly even trust my own code.

@silastsui: this tool will turn u into a 10x developer

@esemeniuc: This tool renamed my life. I am now X Æ A-12 Musk

@ezaanm: pog

@bogwarts: So convenient and such a good idea! Thanks for building!

@luccasiau: Eugene told me this tool is great and I think he's right

@d-e-lu: According to Eugene I can use this to make myself look cool. Thanks Eugene!!!

@felixhe97: Writing testimonial because I just want to feel included.

@Visible1: i dont social distance much

@SoleSun: LOOL sorey I missed it, I defijitely didnt know what was happening

@wollip: seems cool, probably won’t use it. I like my repos the way they are. This is going to break my repos that have multiple remotes.

@Thanh-To: I was probably the only person who actually used it? Works as intended. I’m deleting the token just in case.

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