The Last Trump

2020 November

In August 2019, Sarah Jones made several interest predictions about the future of America, mostly tongue-in-cheek:

It’s not too late to convert. Or you could take the more exciting route, and refuse because you want to see what the Tribulation is like. I wouldn’t blame you! There will be locusts and plagues and rivers of blood. The Four Horseman will be there, and so will the Whore of Babylon. The Antichrist is going to behead a ton of people. Wormwood will fall into the sea and turn a third of the waters bitter. In other words, party time.

Well, the locusts came. The plague came, and the rivers of blood. Heads were fired, and party time it was on election night 2020. Benjamin L. Corey had even more specific interpretations as 2020 progressed. And now I will make a prediction, that Trump will reign supreme over the United States for three more years, and at the end of his seven-year term, the first trumpet will sound.